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Leonard Saves the City Cover Art by Hoabert

Hello fellow Deviants,

Since my last journal entry in 2009 I joined Sony PlayStation, worked there for 5+ years, then left to form my own game company, Second Lunch Studios!

My first game is Leonard Saves the City. It's about my dog Leonard, a wiener dog with Dragonballz like abilities, and detective-smell-vision, as he explores San Francisco looking for his missing bone and possibly encounters a mysterious threat facing his city. 

Check out the kickstarter and please share with anyone you know that might like it as well!

I have redone my personal website at least once a year over the last 9 years. However, I am especially proud of my 2009 site. It's got all sorts of HTML/CSS/jQuery/Flash(in moderation)/blog/twitter goodness, all in a wordpress driving CMS. That's a lot of accronyms, so you know it's legit.

The Flash and 3d sections are not properly showcasing what I am capable of doing in 2009! I must remedy this ASAP. But in my rickety old age, I can no longer pull all nighters. They're coming along though.
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Alrighty, guess what? I changed companies once again. Now I'm an art director at a social networking game company. Funny how that is. Almost come full circle again I have. I'm getting super good at illustrator and I'm gearing up to do a lot of new personal projetcts. I'd say something cheesy like "stay tuned" but as drunk as I am right now, that still sounds lame. I'll post new art soon. You'll see. Prepare to have your minds blown. FACT.
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Almost a year since my last post. I got sick of looking at it. I'm still a t-shirt designer by day freelance web designer by night. Somewhere in there I'm training to be a crime fighter / zombie survival expert. To break up the training I've decided to leave my "I'm too good to copy" ego that I developed when I was 14 and start doing some master copies of artists that are a bazillion times better than me.
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Hey, it's been a while since I"ve updated. Since my last post I have gotten a new job as an art intern and since then I have also been promoted to design team lead ( Anyways, all my time's been spent there doing t-shirts and websites and other nifty projects like that.

I have an acrylic painting I've been working on since sept (haven't really touched it since sept) and some sculptures (haven't touched those since sept either) and a few sketches and digital pieces I started but haven't finished. A couple 3D models I guess. Will any of these things see the day of light soon? Who knows. That largely depends on how long this snow season lasts too...
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Hey all,

I've been on a 3D wave lately. Last week I made Earthworm Jim and right now I am getting ready to texture Psy-Crow, Jim's arch-nemesis.  I am about to start a painting (with real paints!) this week. I need to start up a few digital paintings soon so I can implement the critiques I recieved on my artwork at comic-con. I don't work till Thursday this week, so I will hopefully get a lot done. We'll see.....
I finally finished putting together my portfolio last night and made a bunch of business cards and hand outs. I am ready for Comic Con!!! I'm flying down there this afternoon and tomorrow I"ll be in lines all day trying to get people to get portfolio critiques.

Hopefully someone will think "hey this guy's alright, I think I'll give him a shot"

And then I'll go "thanks, I'll try my best sir"

Then he'll be all "try? TRY? maybe I've made a mistake"

And I"ll go "no no, I"ll DO my best and it'll rock!" a

And he'll go "cocky little punk aren't ya?"

Then awkward silence.

THEN he'll laugh and slap me on the back while saying "HA, gotcha kiddo. I"m just yanking your chain. Here's a bazillion dollars to get you started. And I'd like you to meet my hot daughter. She says she likes you a lot. And here's more money. See ya later."

So that's how I think it'll all go down. We'll see. :)
I'm wrapping up on old pieces and trying to get my portfolio together for the con. I just found out that I won't be in San Diego in time to turn my portofilio in to Marvel's booth by 4pm :( However, I'll have a copy of my portfolio ready for them just in case and look forward to showing my portfolio to any one that's willing to look at it.

12 Hour day at work tomorrow, but I can't afford to miss it. That leaves just thursday to get my stuff done! doh!!! We'll have to see how well I work under pressure.
I am in the middle of doing laundry before my camping trip. I was browsing the internet, found my favorite video game song "Falling" by Tommy Tallarico from Earthworm Jim (coolest game ever) on his website. So I was in a pretty good mood, until I found my cell phone on the bottom of the washing machine. I had emptied my pockets but did not check the sneaky side pocket on carpenter jeans!!!!!

CURSE YOU SIDE POCKET!!!! My roomate had warned me that said pocket would be the end of my phone. But it did not fall out in a taxi cab or during drunken activities on the weekend!!! Oh the irony!

HIt the phone with the blowdryer and am letting any excess water dry out while it sits on my warm monitor... sounds like a good idea. Mayhaps it will function when I wake up tomorrow....
So I"m been off the map lately, just trying to apply for new jobs and what not. Not too much new work just sketches while at work and some color studies in painter. However, I do have 3 projects that I will be focusing on this summer.

1) A fun personal project, involving drawing my friends and doing some silly sculptures of us. Maybe make some action figures?

2) A portfolio of comic covers and some sequential artwork to get critiqued at comic-con san diego (hopefully get me a gig out of it???)

3) 3D Doodles. I spend way too much time on individual 3D models that I am not growing as fast as I should. I need to "feel" 3d like I can in "2d" and one major difference is the volume of 2d work that I just go through, throw away, sketch/doodle, etc. Taking the concept of "knowing when to kill your babies" that my figure drawing instructor so kindly taught me and applying it to 3d.

So that's that. Feel free to yell at me if I'm not showing progress on any of these fronts.
My new website and demo reel is done!!! Finally!!! Check it out :
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I'm working on my demo reel still, cranking away in Maya/Zbrush/Photoshop. I need to take some time to go to some life drawing sessions and get more anatomy sketches in there too. And I need to figure out how to get normal maps to look right in Maya. Does anyone have any tips?
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Sooooo much to do!

Thu Mar 24, 2005, 2:26 AM
Busy weeks ahead...

My updates have slowed down, my schedule is filling up at the school I teach at and the other company I work at.

Also my startup company's game Solterra is picking some steam, though with a mix of bad and good press, and I'm marketing guy on that stuff.

I also have web contracts for both our company and an exciting freelance job I'm working on that's really cool.

Finally I'm also producing a half-life 2 mod, but won't do any press on it until we're done. We don't want to be a team that is all talk and no show. I'm also doing character modeling and rigging on the project. As well as over seeing the audio/music direction, but won't be doing any actual audio on this project.

I"m itching to do some 2D animations, as well as finish some 3D scenes I've worked on.... and the second band I"m in (yeah I"m in 2)* is getting our songs refined pretty well, despite the lack of a drummer. We might be ready to play some open mic or try and get some small gigs soon.

And lastly, I haven't been to the gym in a month. It's time to get back into shape hardcore...

oh crap, I also owe a tatoo design for a buddy....


It says footer goes here. Is that like an essay footer?

*. yes I'm in two bands, one is a hardrock metal-ish band, and the second is a more alternative rock punk indie-ish but not a "the' band sorta band
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So at Wonder-Con last week besides being a few pringts from some cool artists, I also got a 3D modeling DVD, and this… expensive but super awesome anatomy reference model. I picked it up from the post office last night and the thing is sweet! It's also pretty huge, so I have to find a good place to put it. I'm itching to bust out some new drawings in the next few days. Until they're up, I'll keep posting my old slightly anatomically incorrect pictures!!!


P.S. If anyone gets one, Version #2 (the gray one) was recommended to me by the artist who sculpted it. It's the only one with magnetic removable arms (and genitals). Not having all the veins, ligaments, and bones colored in also makes it easier to see the form and mass of the figure. And the fact that he recommended the cheapst model gave him a lot of street 'cred, in my opinion.
I was at Wonder-Con over the weekend and ran into :iconcheeks-74:. I recognized his work from Anyways, he suggested that I stop lurking online and post some of my work and get involved. I'm slowly resizing old artwork and am going to upload them through out the next week or two (or however long it takes).